Southern Charm Mini Aussies/Mini American Shepherds of Georgia
Karla and Chelsea Benjamin
Karla 770-241-1485 Chelsea 770-633-4119
10am to 9pm Daily for phone calls.
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About Southern Charm Mini Aussies
Southern Charm Mini Aussies is a combination of my love for farming, being outside working with animals or in the garden, and my love for being inside making our house a home. After three years of research,  talking to other breeders, and looking at these dogs on the internet, I decided on this wonderful breed because these dogs met all of my needs.  I get the pleasure of having inside dogs that I can love, cuddle, train, and enjoy every day, all day! All of my adult dogs live with me in the house and are treated like members of our family! I take them everywhere I go, and everyone that lives in our town knows when they see us, they see our dogs as well. They love to vacation with us twice a year when we head to Jekyll Island, Georgia, to camp with the dogs for the week, where they get free run on the beach. Our love for our dogs and this breed is apparent when talking with us. We have a great passion to promote and further develop this breed we  love.

  I, like most people, we started out with one Aussie female. Bella was more than our greatest expectation when I realized that she could also detect when my blood sugars are low, long before I ever feel the first symptom. I have been diabetic for 30 plus years now and do not feel when my blood sugars are dropping. Therefore Miss Bella is also my trained service dog. She has saved my life three times in just a few years, letting me know I am in trouble since I spend most of my time alone with her.  However, like the old saying goes," You can't stop with just ONE Aussie, " so the story goes and became the originating force behind Southern Charm Mini Aussies.

I worked most of my life breeding canines, while also working  at home with my small preschool children, or working in a corporate business setting as an accountant. After reading "The Purpose Driven Life", I realized I was not doing what God intended for me and asked Him for a change. My youngest daughter became very ill within a month of me reading that book, and I have been at home taking care of the kids (Now employees of the business), my husband, the Aussies, and our home ever since. What a blessing in disguise that was! I have never been more happy and fulfilled with anything in my life as I am currently with the added bonus of taking care of our growing Aussie family!

The two of us are very enthusiastic of our mini and toy Aussies and love meeting, greeting, and making new friends and supporters of this outstanding, loving, and compassionate breed. Most nights I can be found in the play pen, computer on lap, talking to many breeders and friends on my Facebook page.

As breeders, we strive to raise our fur babies to be just miniature and toy versions of their ancestry - the standard Australian Shepherds. We carefully breed our dogs for good confirmation, good temperament, and herding instinct, to have the "AUSSIE" look, and most importantly be an outstanding addition to our extended "WIGGLEBUTT Families".

Please feel free to contact us by phone 770-241-1485, or Chelsea at 770-633-4119 for additional information regarding our Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds. Better yet, we would love for you to stop by for a visit, kick your shoes off, and sit a spell. We would really enjoy visiting with a fellow Aussie lover. 

Thank you so much for taking the time getting to know us a little bit better.