Southern Charm Mini Aussies/Mini American Shepherds of Georgia
Karla & Mike Benjamin
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10am to 9pm Daily for phone calls.
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Cocoa and Cash
WHELPING DATE:  May 8, 2021
PUPPY PICK DAY: June 13, 4-6 pm
GO HOME DAY: July 10th 2-4pm
This is for Cocoa's puppies only!
Puppy #1
Black Tri Female
Puppy #2
Red Tri Female
Chanel is a little bitty sweetheart. I am shocked she wasnt picked first.! She is outgoing, friendly, palyful and smart. She also loves to cuddle!
Puppy #3
Black Tri Female
Puppy #4
Red Tri Male
Puppy #5
Black Tri Female
Cece (Phantom) is always first learn or do anything new. She is so super smart and outgoing! We were alo amazed she wasn't picked yet!
Puppy #6
Black Tri Female
This puppy is reserved for breeding at this time
Siena and Gibson
WHELPING DATE:  May 14, 2021
PUPPY PICK DAY: June 27, 12-2 pm
GO HOME DAY: July 11th 1-3pm
This is for Siena's puppies only!
New pictures of Siena coming very soon!
Puppy #1
Red Tri Male
Puppy #3
Blue Merle Female
More Puppies Will Be Continued on the More Puppies Cont... page!!