Southern Charm Mini Aussies/Mini American Shepherds of Georgia
Karla and Chelsea Benjamin
Karla 770-241-1485 Chelsea 770-633-4119
10am to 9pm Daily for phone calls.
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Southern Charm Family!!
Below are some of the happy families that will always be a part of our family. We now are real family. We celebrate together, cry together, have huge parties at our home, wine tastings, Sunday open house so the dogs can play, and we board all their dogs when they go on vacation! This ongoing commitment to these family makes us a "breed" apart from many other breeders. Thank you for your patronage!! We love every one of you as much as we love our babies you raise!
Maryanne and David Brown and their sweet daughter Aubree who loves her new puppy!!

Thank you for the  purchase of this sweet blue merle male named Chipper!!
Terry and Lari Palmer chose an amazing blue merle male that was breed/show quality and as you can see they are so happy to have Buddy at home to join them and their other sweet dog Ivey.
Ms. Trina Coss purchased a wonderful blue merle female from Southern Charm and as you can see she is fitting in great! 

Trina and her son Taylor have chosen to call their new family member Stella. Thanks for being part of the wigglebutt family!
Congratulations to Joe and Donna Reheiser on the purchase of their little  breed quality Blue Merle male they are calling Angus. 
Brent and Kim Blythe have been following their little Digby from the time he was born.  This little guy would be envied by any dog that I know! Thank you so much for loving one of our Southern Charm babies!
"From the moment we first contacted Southern Charm to the day we brought Digby home we could not have been more impressed with Karla and Mike. They were not only running a top quality breeding program, they were enthusiastic and made Brent and I feel so special. We were in constant contact with each other and received email and picture updates. We had recently lost our beloved pet. The excitement around bringing home a new puppy really helped heal our hurting hearts. We brought home a family member and made friends in the process. How lucky are we? We so love you guys!"

Brent & Kim Blythe
​Our daughter Maddie invested a lot of hours researching dog breeds. She wanted to find the perfect fit for our family. She settled upon the Mini Australian Shepherd and we began a search for a breeder. We found the Southern Charm Mini Aussies website and contacted the breeder Karla Benjamin. Karla is a professional breeder who cares deeply about her dogs. She spends almost every Sunday getting to know potential families and devotes a great deal of her time and energy to "matchmaking" - working to make sure the right dog goes home with the right family. We've bought dogs from many different breeders over the years, but none even comes close to comparing to Karla's knowledge, passion and dedication. Now that we have "Blu", we are so eternally grateful to Karla for choosing our family to receive "the best dog in the world!".  
Eve Whitaker
Always alert, attentive, and aware, our Beau is hands down the BEST dog we have ever owned. I was raised with Old English Sheep Dogs, and my husband with Blue Healers. He is never far from our 3 year old and our 18 month old. Patience he has in abundance as our kids crawl, pull, climb, tug, (you get the picture) all over him. Any and all strangers are met and firmly warned with a demanding bark, never a growl, or any sign of aggression, just a bark for them to know that he is watching and aware. With a ball always at his ready, he plays in the yard for hours with us, the kids, and by himself. The easiest dog I’ve ever house trained by far. My 3 year old can lead him around by a leash with no difficulty. The intelligence level is amazing as it only takes a few times for him to learn something new. Beau is the ultimate “guardian” for our house. He takes attendance several times a day to make sure everyone is accounted for and where they should be. This includes my 13 yr. old Shih Tzu, our cat, and the chickens. I am always happy to talk to people about him because he is simply AMAZING! As for Karla and Mike, they are the most attentive breeders I have ever had to deal with. They are always available for questions and concerns as well as those phone calls when I just have to brag about Beau’s newest thing. They truly love every dog that comes from their home. Yes ALL of their dogs come from a home, not a kennel or even a house, a real “home”. The visits when Beau goes back home are always fun and everyone welcomes us back, humans and canines alike. I could go on forever about how amazing Beau is. I would love to talk with anyone interested in a Southern Charm Mini Aussie. My email address is, shoot me a message and let me share with you a few of the many stories I have about Beau and how wonderful he is. I have quite a few and he is only 10 months old. We are truly blessed that he chose us!

Lara and Mac Abercrombie
Mac and Lara Abercrombie let Beau choose them ( Well, Beau chose the kids) when they came to Southern Charm Aussies. 
From the first phone call with Karla, I could tell that she really cared about the dogs she was breeding and raising, and not just long enough to get them sold. We were not only allowed to see our puppy every weekend, we were encouraged to come and play with her and hold her and let her get used to us. Mike, Karla, and Kirsten spend countless hours with all of the puppies they raise. These wonderful dogs come home as confident, happy companions that are used to being held, bathed, and handled. They are also practically potty trained. Our first little girl we brought home was potty trained and using a bell to let us know she need out within 24 hours. Savannah was such a wonderful addition to our family of 5 that when we had a chance we added Jasper to our family. He was almost a year old and we were in the middle of a move, but he settled right in with no problems. The Southern Charm family is just that...a family. Karla has always been available for questions or advice, even a year later. The Benjamin's love and care about all their dogs and love getting updates or seeing pictures on Facebook. We have also stopped by with the dogs to visit and they are always so excited to see Karla and Mike. It is amazing how these dogs remember their first home and family. Savannah is our little black tri and is super smart, loves to play ball, and is so patient with our girls. Jasper is our handsome, blue merle that is so easy going and loves to cuddle. He is always such a happy boy, with that classic "wiggle butt". So happy to have our beautiful, amazing Mini Aussies in our family and love the wonderful family that blessed us with them.
Geri Fischer
My family and I just recently became a part of the Southern Charm Aussie family. The second my family pulled up to southern charm, we immediately felt welcome. Not only do Karla and Mike , the owners of Southern Charm, make it a loving environment, but they provide quality dogs that will make a perfect addition to any family. Karla, Mike and Kirsten without a doubt love their dogs and it shows! 
Amy Allen
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My family and I lost our 13 yo Lab to old age about 5 months before we decided
to get another family pet. We had talked about a lot of different breeds but one
kept popping back up in our conversations, a Mini Aussie! I googled Mini Aussies
in our area and came across Southern Charm Mini Aussies and gave them a call.
It's was after hours somewhere around 7pm when I called and to my surprise they
not only answered the phone that late but talked to me about the breed to see if
it fit my family's life style and also about their program. The call turned in
to about a hour and a half and I knew (even though about 1:45 minutes away from
us) that we needed to check them out. My wife and I took our three boys over one
day for a visit and was treated like family. We made instant new friends in
Mike, Karla and her girls, not to mention her beautiful dogs were great with the
boys from the start. Before we left that day we had give them our deposit on our
wonder Heidi (blue merle female) that was not even born yet. We made weekly
trips over to see them after she was born and was more than welcome each time.
When we finally got to bring her home we had already put another deposit down on
another. Two weeks later we brought our Georgia peach home and have never once
regretted it. They were very healthy and very very smart! They have been the
best puppies I have ever owned. If we ever decide to get another one hands down
not even having to give it a second thought we will go back to Southern Charm.
When you have a breeder that will answer your text or call anytime day or night
if you need to ask a question, that's loyalty you just don't find anymore, you
stick with them. I guess long story short there is no breed or breeder that is
better than Mini Aussies and Southern Charm!!!! 
Shane and Paige Brown and Family ( Cameron, Connor, & Baylor)
I had a lab, she was my best friend and my very first child. We were
inseparable. We swam together, slept together, cried together and trusted one
another. The time came just before her 13th birthday that she had to be put down
for health reasons. My world was devastated. I cried, Shane cried, our kids
cried and all she could do was wag her tail and smile like nothing was even
A few short months later after we lost Roxy, we were not quite ready to
get another furbaby but started doing some research and became very interested
in the miniature Aussies. That was all it was, research. 
In less than a week.
We had found the most perfect breeder and she was not too far from home. Her
dogs are gorgeous, her program is solid and she knows all there is to know about
the breed, the breeding and the whelping. It was very impressive. So naturally,
we headed on over to Carrolton, Georgia to meet the folks at Southern Charm
Miniature Aussies. In less than ten minutes of being there with Karla, Mika and
Kirsten and all of their wiggle butts and fuzzy butts, we were in love. We were
treated as family, we were trusted to love on their pups and their mom and
We left that day putting down a deposit for hopefully a female blue
merle. The odds were in our favor and we were able to get out Heidi Blue. The
same day we picked her up to bring her home, Karla and Mike knew we wanted a red
merle but we were waiting on Mocha to have pups. Just so happened, someone had
backed out on a little red tri and she snagged at my heart lines. So, two weeks
later, we picked up our Georgia Peach. 
These pups have brought such joy and
laughter and love to our home. I cannot remember a time without them not being a
part of our family. 
They healed our open wounds of losing Roxy as well as our
sweet friends, Karla and Mike, Kirsten and Chelsea. 
We have made life long
friends with the Benjamin's and would not ever recommend another breeder.​

Paige Brown
There is so much that I can say about Mike, Karla, and Kirsten Benjamin and Southern Charm Mini Aussies.
First, I will say that you will never find a better breeder of Mini Aussies. Karla exhibits such care and compassion for the Aussies that she produces that extends well beyond the puppy becoming a part of your family. She makes herself available to you from the first contact until several years into the adult life of your Aussie. If you call her because your Aussie is not feeling well and you solicit her advice or just a listening ear, know that her heart aches just like yours. Second, I must say that the quality of the Aussies that Southern Charm produces is unmatched. Once you see their Aussies, you will see that they are the most beautiful and consistently correct line of Aussies you have ever seen.  Third, if you decide to make a Southern Charm Mini Aussie part of your family, consider yourself a part of the Southern Charm family as well. You are never made to feel like a customer. You are invited into their home to interact with their Aussies and past/present customers that often come by just to visit or attend a pool party! If you need to go out of town, go on vacation (and cannot take the dogs), or have an unexpected family emergency, know that Mike, Karla, and Kirsten are willing to board your Aussie and spoil them rotten.  
My husband and I have two gorgeous Southern Charm Mini Aussies. London, our Black-Tri, is just over two years old and Paris, our Red Merle, is just over one year old. I don’t know how they do it, but Mike and Karla picked Paris to be a part of our family. London is sweet, laid-back, and content playing ball in the backyard. Paris is sweet, no non-sense, bossy (alpha) and never too far away from me. She doesn’t like to play ball, but she LOVES to try and prevent London from getting the ball. They truly enjoy being with each other despite having such different personalities. Mike and Karla did that. They don’t just sell you a dog. They consider the personality of the dog and the personality of the family and make their recommendations. They make sure that you go home with the Aussie that is perfect for your family. Trust the process. You will be so glad you did.
​Ebony and David Pearson
We fell in love with the Mini Aussie breed after meeting one on vacation and we knew this would be the dog we would add as our next family member. I googled breeders and "stalked" websites and Facebook pages for months to find our puppy. From the beginning, I could tell that Karla and Mike were different than the other breeders I saw online. Her Facebook page was just one big family of owners who were so excited to show her how great their dogs were doing in their homes and she seemed to personally know all of her owners. When I talked to her on the phone, I knew she would be the person to give us our new baby. She took the time to tell me about the breed, answer all of my questions, and just made me feel like I was already a part of the family. She assured me that she would find the right puppy for our family and she delivered.  
Our baby girl, Luna, has been everything we wanted. She has a great personality, loves to play, and is eager to learn new tricks. Not only is she beautiful and smart, she has brought our family closer together. We are outside twice as much as were before her! She loves to fetch tennis balls, frisbees, play keep away, and go on walks. She loves to wake the kids up every morning with kisses and is excited when they come home from school. I work from home and she is such a good companion to have at the house. She has brought such joy to our home and I credit Karla and her excellent program for Luna's temperament. She is still a puppy but it feels like she's been in our family forever. Karla has continued to be a great support and is available whenever I have questions or concerns. Karla, Mike, and Kirsten and the entire Southern Charm Family are like no other. We are so happy to have joined this amazing family!
Jason, Payton, Jay, Emory, and Packy
Months of research and a strong referral led me to Southern Charm in Georgia, and the longer I know Karla and enjoy my Southern Charm dog, the more grateful I am. Now I'm recommending her to everyone who has an interest. From the care she takes in breeding--all the DNA tests to reduce health risks, the pairing of parents for temperament as well, her in-home dog family to keep the pack content, careful screening of buyers to be sure the pups will be loved--that would have been enough for my decision. But she also posts such rich educational content, shares the best shopping links, administers first shots and worming, guides you in nutrition --my vet loves her too! Karla breeds to improve these dogs, but she also understands the needs of pet owners. Being older, I confessed we love the breed but hope for a energy a tad on the lower side of these great herders. She pays attention to juvenile personalities, and steered us to the perfect fit. A timid little boy, the education Karla provided on socialization and exposure to new experience was spot on...within weeks he was a friendly, brave boy, so smart he rings the bell to go out...and during his challenge phase he learned to obey within the count of three (usually on One or Two) the same as my human children did. During his time at Karla's he was housebroken to pellet litter, so all I did was take him out every few hours....accidents, while understandable, were minimal, ending after a couple months. He was with his mom long enough to learn a "soft mouth" play style, and accepts our "no biting" rule when playing with humans. "Spinner" shows us both affection, loves playing with grandkids, obeys the 5-year old, plays with their cat (or dodges him when grumpy) and is learning to play with other dogs very well. I long wanted a "perfect dog" and feared getting the "oh no" dog...but I chose wisely. I chose to join the Southern Charm Mini Aussies family of Karla Benjamin...And I can't wait to get to a family reunion!

Leigh and Russ Slayden, and Southern Charm's Spin City aka Spinner, St. Augustine, Fl