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Blue Eyes?
We do NOT place puppies based on eye color because we cannot control Mother Nature. Be aware that eye color can change in the Australian Shepherd breed at any time during the dog’s life so just because a puppy goes home with you at age 6 or 8 weeks with blue eyes does not mean they will not turn green or brown, or one of each, the following week or at some point during the dog’s life. I want my buyers to choose MY puppies because they feel my puppy is a good fit for their family and that I am a responsible breeder breeding only to improve the breed NOT because the puppy has blue eyes. If you were going to choose a child to join your family, I feel certain eye color would zero influence on your decision. The color of the parent’s eyes has NO bearing on the color of the puppy’s eyes. In fact, we get more blue eyed puppies from brown eyed parents. I prefer that you take an interest in the care & training I provide my puppies, their clean genetic makeup, and the fact that they are an excellent representation of the breed over what color their eyes may, or may not, be because that is out of my control. There are many breeders who will guarantee eye color but they are simply telling you what you want to hear just to make the sale. In your search you will notice that dog owners who breed only for blue eyes overlook other necessary qualities of the breed and many of the Australian Shepherds being bred solely for blue eyes have little or no genetic testing. I will agree blue eyes are beautiful but it really makes no sense to have a beautiful blue eyed dog that is plagued by Hereditary Cataracts, Collie Eye Anomaly, or Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration which causes Progressive Retinal Atrophy. If eye color is your only, or #1 priority, then I am not the breeder to make your selection from and I think you should probably take your search elsewhere.​