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First Aid Kit for Pets

A fully equipped household first aid kit contains almost all of the supplies you may need for your pets. A simple first aid kit for your pets should include these additional items in a waterproof

Magnifying glass
Water-based sterile lubricant (KY Jelly)
Cheap Thermometer
Hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) (To induce vomiting) Per Poison Control Center
Rubbing alcohol
Baby-dose syringe or eye dropper
Dyne (For sick days and Spay/Neuter)
Canned Solid Pumpkin (To stop the diarrhea)
SpectoGard Scour-Chek (Emergency Quick Stop for Severe Diarrhea!)
Sterile saline wash (Refresh Eye Drops)
Diphenhydramine, (Benedryl) if approved by your veterinarian
Neosporin Cream Topical antibiotic ointment
Frozen Chicken and Success Rice (Next day food to be given after sickness)
List of emergency phone numbers including those for your pet’s veterinarian, an after hoursemergency veterinary hospital, and the National Animal Poison Control Center (1-•888-426-4435) and money to make a phone call.
Latex (or hypoallergenic material) gloves
Gauze sponges (a variety of sizes)
Gauze roll, 2-inch width
Elastic cling bandage
Adhesive tape, hypoallergenic
Non-adherent sterile pads
Small scissors
Grooming clippers or safety razor
Nylon loop lead
Towel (Old Ones)
Compact emergency “blanket” (One that you don’t mind to be ruined)
Antiseptic wipes
Insect sting stop pads
Cotton-tipped swabs
Instant cold pack
Epsom salts
Sterile eye lubricant
Safety pins (medium size 4)
Tongue depressors
Styptic powder or pencil
Plastic card (such as old credit card) to scrape away stingers
Penlight with batteries (AA)
Clean cloth
Needle-nose pliers